Apparently, link building as a method to improve SEO rankings is alive and well.
However, not all bloggers know where to find bloggers with similar content to swap links with.  That is the purpose of this Link Exchange.
If a blogger gives you a link to your site, embed a link from one of their posts into your site.
Go to their blog, and find an article that logically connects to one that you are writing, and embed their link into your post.
For the sake of your credibility with your readers, choose a blog from a category that matches your own, and find a post with content that will supplement yours.
If you are concerned that linking to the other blogger could potentially hurt your SEO ranking, you can compare both blogs at  The lower the rank, the better.
Everybody wins!  You and the like-minded blogger get links into your site, and both your readers get stronger content.
For newer bloggers, the instructions for inserting links can be found by clicking The Complete Guide to Hyperlinks.
Warnings: Google gives penalties for picking links for the sole purpose of boosting your SEO ranking and not for the purpose of genuinely trying to help your readers.
Please note this Link Exchange is a perk for followers of   If you are following, and wish to be added to this Link Swap, please leave your blog link (not a post link) and niche in the comments section.
By joining the Link Exchange, you must also subscribe to’s email list.

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